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Check out what other challengers are doing!  This shows all the peaks logged across all challenges in the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge Series. You can page through them all, or filter to show just hikes from one challenge. 

SoCal Six-Pack
Eric Olson

Baden Pow!

Trail conditions were fun. The last mile to the summit was about knee deep snow then the top was iced over. I was hiking in

SoCal Six-Pack

Mt Wilson

Hermosa montaña al final un tanto difícil pero hermosa..!!!

SoCal Six-Pack

Sloggin up From Chantry Flats

A beautiful day with an early start. Our first time up Mt. Wilson. What a slog just past Sturtevant camp!

SoCal Six-Pack

My first time hiking Wilson

The weather was perfect! The entire hike was beautiful. Met so many people along the way. Stopped a few times to have a snack, explore

SoCal Six-Pack
Anush K.

Stunning Cucamonga Peak

Between the loose rocks during the first 3 miles and snow/ice/slush during the next 3.5 miles to the summit, this was one of the hardest

SoCal Six-Pack

San Jacinto peak’s Hike for cancer

It was a beautiful snow hike. The weather was 5 degrees Celsius so the snow was slushy and a tad slippery. You will need waterproof

SoCal Six-Pack

The monster at night

The hike was incredible and very beautiful, it was my first big hike, and it was tuff and exhilarating at the same time. Me and