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SoCal Six-Pack

Out with the old, in with the new

I was supposed to go with a few girls I had met on a hiking FB group. Unfortunately none of them showed and I took

SoCal Six-Pack


A lot of rescue sheriff's to looking missing lady. Very beautiful ice trees

SoCal Six-Pack

Panic at the Mountain!

This is my very first year doing this challenge. My girlfriend and I are taking the challenge together and Mount Wilson was first on the

SoCal Six-Pack

Mount Wilson

The hike was awesome! It was easy to get to the weather was perfect. It was pretty challenging towards the end but overall it was

SoCal Six-Pack

Gorgeous views, spare air!

I saw a gap in the weather report for Sunday between some colder temps/windy conditions Saturday and snow predicted for Sunday night and took it!

SoCal Six-Pack

We Meet Again, Mt. Wilson!

Trail Condition: Dry Weather: Low 60's in the morning Hikers: Richwood, Mercedes, Aleni, Alejandra & Jesse We started our hike in Sierra Madre at approx.