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SoCal Six-Pack
Dawn Jackson

New Years Day on San Bernardino Peak

Wow! I have hiked most of the big peaks in this area but I had never hiked San Bernardino Peak—loved this trail! With no snow

SoCal Six-Pack

Velociraptor Tries to Eat Observatory

So, driving out to the trailhead was interesting; upon looking up driving there, on Google there was a road closure noted that Santa Anita Road

SoCal Six-Pack

Baldy Bruiser

Got an early morning start around 6am from Manker Flats headed up to Baldy Notch. Crossed paths with a couple of fellow hikers up at

SoCal Six-Pack
Paul Vu

Happy New Year!

Cold morning, but not too cold. Cold winds here and there once we hit the backbone, but no wind while we were at the top.

SoCal Six-Pack

My. Baldy

Beautiful day hiking. Windy and no snow.

SoCal Six-Pack

Baden Powell hike

Baden Powell Hike. Cold & windy! Very few people on the trail. Was surprised how easy this hike was for me. Prep hike for San

SoCal Six-Pack

Mt Baldy….I did it!

I not only had to get myself up, but motivate my friend who struggled. This was not a hike for the faint of heart, but