Hike #3

Great Amd fun hike. Saw some Big Horn Sheep. Nice weather.

Fremont Saddle

took about 2.5 hours. Beautiful weather the whole way. Saw lots of wildlife and felt good!

Fremont Saddle

Favorite hike yet! Beautiful day with very limited hiker traffic. Will do this one again!

Quirky Quartz

This was my first peak for the Arizona Winter challenge and it was a doozy! The best part was the peak made of Quartz. Fun…

Piestewa Peak

Hike was steep but doable. Signs were well posted and view at top was worth the hike.

Hanging with the Big Horn Sheep

Weather was perfect. Trail was in great condition. It was the perfect day for a hike! I love this trail – it was absolutely beautiful,…

Freemont Saddle… and then some…

Hike to the saddle was great.  We opted to do a loop by the cliffs, vs out-and-back, and that turned into more of an adventure. …

Wasson Peak Loop

This was a little harder than I expected, pretty tired towards the end.  Saw lots of cool saguaros, since this is in Saguaro National Park,…

Piestewa peak

I had never done this one, but it was on my list of ones to do, so it worked out doing it for the challenge.…

Camelback to complete

I had done this one once before, so I knew what to expect, but had forgotten most of it. The rock scrabbling and uphill where…


Definitely a cardio kicker, stair master hike. Beautiful views for sunrise or sunset. Lots of steps and sharp rocks. Watch your step!

Peaked the loop

This was a nice hike on a cool day. I worked up a sweat going up, then after hanging at the peak for a bit,…

Picacho peak, collect them all

Did this one once before years ago and it was brutal with the elevation gain to the first saddle, and it still was today, but…

Weavers needle

Very beautiful hike plus we did Robberts Roost

First hike done!

Great afternoon hike!  Went at 2pm wasn’t crowded and weather was perfect 80 degrees.  Tested out my new hiking boots and getting them ready for…

Picacho Peak

Overcast and breezy day. Trail empty until the way down when the late groups were coming up. The ups/downs made it very enjoyable. Loved it!

Picacho Peak

Great hike! Took about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Glad we were there early to beat the traffic from later hikers.

Around the saddle

Been here over a half dozen times but still enjoy this hike. Got to the saddle and went to look for Robbers roost, but I…

Hike #2

Fun Hike with good little climbs.

Fremont Saddle

Nice day. Trail was busy. Lots of groups and families with kids.

Back in the Saddle again!!!

Thought I’d start my year out with the Freemont Saddle…weather was so nice we decided to get a few extra miles in and made it…

Flatiron dozen

I’ve done Flatiron a dozen times and the beauty of it never gets old. Went to peak 5057 after and got some some views from…

Picacho Peak

Very challenging trail with lots of steep vertical sections where you need to use cables and your upper body to climb the steepest parts.  Very…

Camelback Alternate/Bonus Hike

Always a good hike! Great weather at 7am and we were able to get ahead of some of the crowd but it was really busy…

Piestewa Peak Sunrise

Since this is a heavily trafficked trail, we started at 6:15am with the goal to catch sunrise at the peak and did just that…to make…

Piestewa Peak #1

We got there around 6am right before the sunrise and hiked with headlamps. The hike is a consistent elevation gain and I personally struggled a…

Uncleverly titled Piestewa Peak

Quiet hike despite many people present. Didn’t see any pets or trash. There was a friendly atmosphere. Beautiful sunset.

The Hike that broke the Camelback!

I started hiking just before 7am, as the sun was rising, what a beautiful and perfect morning to complete this hike!! It is the 3rd…

A piece of the pie

Not just a piece of the pie but the whole thing, starting with the circumference trail and then up to the peak. A perfect morning,…

A piece of the pie

I not only got a piece of the pie but i hiked around the whole mountain. A great morning, a great parking spot and a…

Warmup with Piestewa

Piestewa was a clear choice for my first peak of the challenge as I can ride my bike to the trailhead. The weather was a…


Pikachu via hunter trail is a fun hike.. You head up the East Side then down the West side and up to the peak on…

First of Six

Good Hike with Amanda and Tara. A lot of traffic

Piestewa Peak

Got there early.  Grabbed a parking spot.  Bit crowded.

Piestawa Peak

It was warm on the way up but luckily we got a breeze at the summit which stuck with us on the descent. It was…

Flat Iron/ 5024

Incredible views. Did Superstition Peak 5024 while i was there.

Quartz BFE hike

The trailhead is SKETCHY to get too. The solid quartz peak is really cool. Literally.

Noon hike

Short but a lot of fun. nice follow up hike on the way back home


Nice day. Fun group to hike with.


Let’s get this Posted

First Peak Fremont

Since I was in the Phoenix metro area on this day, I decided to get an early start on the challenge and do Fremont Saddle.…

Squaw Peak

2nd on my list.. Piestewa Peak..

Back to the saddle again!

I have hiked this trail in all seasons, and not much has changed. Damage from the fire is still evident, but a lot of new…

Humble scramble

Great day hike. It was worth getting up early. Started around 8am and complicated around noon. Kids had a lot of fun on the scramble/cable…


Nice evening. Not too busy.

We’re almost there!

My Friend Blanca and I took on the Summit Trail at Piestewa Peak. It was a very challenging hike with about 5 rest stops and…


Everything beyond the saddle is STEEP. LOVED IT!


Busy trail in rough condition. Bugs were annoying at the very peak.

Spreading the good word about 6PoP

Reached the summit and got to share the good word about the challenge with other hikers who asked what we were up to. It was…

Clouds the real MVP

Windy and cloudy. Which was very welcome. A bit crowded but overall great!

Flat iron hike

Hiked with friends, had a blast, was definitely challenging for those who have bad cardio.

My First Ever 6-Pack Hike!

Weather was great. Trail was crowded. We got to the trailhead around 6:40 AM and the main parking lots were already full. Luckily someone was…

Explore Your World

First peak complete. I arrived at the trailhead at sunrise to avoid the afternoon heat. This trail is well marked and easy to follow. I…

Wassup Wasson?!

Beautiful day to tackle Wasson Peak! The trail is full of loose rocks so watch your footing along the way. It’s a pretty moderate hike…

Picacho Peak on the Perfect DAy

Such a beautiful day!  I started at 1145.  I love the heat and don’t care for crowed hiking trails!  This hike is a great workout…

1st of 6

First hike complete with my 7 year old!!! We had an amazing time.

Metal Rope Work

I have driven past this peak a dozen times and had no idea how awesome of a hike it is to the top.

November 6th

I found this hike pretty challenging and took numerous breaks in the last 1/2 mile before reaching flatiron. I started early morning (6:30) which I…

Camelback Climb!

Gorgeous warm and sunny day, perfect for this AZ native! Camelback was tough, rocky and steep, and I loved it. I had never hiked it…


Busy hike and no parking, but nice day.

“Honeybee at the Peak”

Ok so the trail conditions were good. It’s maintained well. I wore a pair of flat soles sneakers. Now it is a climb or I…


Nice day. Trail not too crowded.

Freedom Trail / Piestewa Peak Summit

Requirements: You must love stairs. You must have long legs. 🙂 So we did a loop that started on the Freedom Trailhead with several elevation…

Caren’s Birthday Hike

Soooo…in commemorate of my 43rd birthday… Yes…another year older…this hike today was about remembering that as we face challenges in life… even though they may…



Piestewa Peak Summit

We hiked the perimeter trail to begin with, which added another 3 miles before climbing towards the peak. Just for fun! It was an excellent,…

Piestewa Peak

I enjoyed the hike. Hiked with David and other memento of the AAA group. First time with the group, everyone was so nice. Weather was…