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    Hi! Which trailhead/trail do you recommend for Mt. Pinos? How long is the hike and what is the elevation gain? Thanks!


    Jeff Hester

    I would suggest this route: https://modernhiker.com/hike/hiking-mount-pinos-and-sawmill-mountain/

    It actually takes you up an “extra” peak but the hike just to Mount Pinos is pretty short by itself. This gives you more bang for the buck. 😉


    Finding Hinterland
    @Finding Hinterland


    Does anybody know what the weather is at Pinos right now? I'm thinking about doing it this weekend but am wondering if it is going to be covered in snow or not.




    Or you could go this route too. It was pretty fun and you get to complete a mini Challenge inside a big Challenge. It's the same route that Jeff is suggesting, but you just go a little farther and hit Grouse peak. Haha…its not much of a peak, but who am I to argue with the Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce. They'll sell you a patch for $5 when you complete…anything to make a buck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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