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    Kajsa Alger

    Looking for advice or just general commentary on what order is best to hike the peaks. I’m newish to hiking and still very slow (average 40 min miles). Also have been having some knee issues so trying to be smart about the way I choose my hikes- both my practice ones and the 6-pack. I have done Wilson last weeekend and did Baldy in October. My thoughts were to do Cucamonga, Baldy, San jacinto, Bernadino, San Gorgonio last (if I can even do it!). Thoughts on difficulty or personal recommendation?


    Jason Megraw

    The order of peaks you listed are the order in which I've done them last year, except I did Bernardino before San Jacinto. They are listed in increasing difficulty, leaving San G for the grand finale! I recommend maybe camping overnight at San G and hitting the trail around 5 AM as this hike is 19 miles round trip from Vivian Creek. I, too, was recovering from a fractured patella injury, but successfully summitted each one.


    Gerhard Tratter

    Cucamonga and Baldy are your next logical targets. Since you hike with your SO and Natalie is an experienced hiker you could do them now, provided you have the winter gear. If not, keep hiking the lower peaks in the Angeles Forest to stay fit until Summer returns and resume hiking Cucamonga and Baldy. For your first San Jacinto I would recommend taking the tram up and hike it from there. It is a beautiful mountain and when you return to it, take the Marion Mountain trail out of Idyllwild. You'll be ready for San Bernardino (one of my personal favorites) and San Gorgonio. Don't forget to invite me ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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