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  • Jeff

    June 6, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    Cecil, what route are you planning to take? There is typically some water at Limber Pine spring, and also at High Creek. There are a couple of other springs that are off the divide, so you'd have to hike downhill (losing the elevation you've already climbed) and then hike back up to the divide — not idea, but could be necessary.

    August is pretty dry, but when I hiked the divide last year it was in September and there was still water at Limber Pine spring. A trickle, but enough to refill our bottles.

    If you are going up Vivian Creek to San G first, then there should be water at High Creek Camp. Or if you're going via South Fork trailhead, there is water where you cross South Fork. A lot depends on the route.

    As for how much to carry, I planned for one liter to get from Limber Pines to camp, one liter for dinner plus breakfast, and one liter to get from camp to the next water source (three liters total). I could've easily used four.