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  • Jeff

    February 1, 2022 at 4:49 pm

    Hi Angelique and welcome to the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge!

    1. For the SoCal Challenge, your VW Golf should be fine up to all 11 peaks currently in the challenge, with the possible exception of Santiago Peak (depending on which trailhead you use).
    2. I've personally hiked all six of the original SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks as both day hikes AND overnight trips — with the exception of Mount Baldy (yet). Many of the peaks are “dry” most of the time, so you'll need to carry enough water to hike in, hike out, and for dinner and breakfast. It's a fun way to do the hikes, or to do them differently if you've never done that before.
    3. Layer, layer, layer. The weather can be unpredictable in the mountains. People take the tram up from Palm Springs, and can get caught in snow. I like to use https://www.mountain-forecast.com as one of the resources I check. When moving, layer down. When you stop, layer up.
    4. Many trailheads do not have any facility (no pit toilet or porta-potty). Be prepared for the possibility that you'll have to hide behind a bush or tree. Bring some TP and a zip-lock bag, and pack out your used TP. If you need to do #2, find a spot about 50 ft off trail, dig a hole at least 6″ deep and bury your poo (but still pack out the used TP). The nice thing about doing this outdoors is that you don't deal with the typical stench found in most pit toilets. Some actually prefer it. Just don't forget that you can't do this once you get back into “civilization.” 🙂