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  • Jeff

    January 23, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    [quote quote=3494]Hi Jeff, that’s a great picture ! What a great accomplishment!
    I’m planning to hike San Bernardino Peak in two weeks. It’s between that and Baden-Powel. Can you please tell me how the conditions are? Any suggestions/recommendations?
    I’ve never hiked Baden-Powel either so I’ll appreciate your thoughts if you’ve hiked that peak.[/quote]Thanks Anush, but I can't take credit for the photo — it's not me, just another Six-Pack of Peaks Challenger.

    I haven't hiked any of the SoCal peaks yet this year, and probably won't until this summer. I suggest you take a look at the hike logs. You can see the hike info and photos by the date of the hike, and you can filter to see just Baden-Powell or San Bernardino. That's one way to get up-to-date info. You can also leave a comment on the hike log, to ask for more details on trail conditions.

    Generally speaking, these peaks USUALLY have snow on them this time of year. When the peaks are covered with snow and ice, it's no longer just “hiking” — it's winter mountaineering. Are you ready for that? Have you been through a winter mountaineering skills course (REI has them, as do others)?