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  • Mike Morales

    January 29, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    [quote quote=36105]

    Is this open yet? I saw there were mudslides and I know Chantry Flats has been closed otherwise.

    The road to Chantry Flat is closed, but you can still hike it, if you're ambitious. Diana R did! https://socialhiker.net/hike_log/extra-mileage/[/quote]
    We did the hike this past Monday jan 28. It is open for now, but theres going to be rain on thurs. It helped now that the Government is open, for the roads to open up. it was great weather and the trails are in good condition, the camp sites we passed looked in good condition to camp. Just be advised for the coming weather this thursday

    Extra mileage