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  • Haemama

    February 8, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    I would not do any of the peak trails when there is snow without a lot of practice with micrsopikes in a nice wide area without a drop off on one side! Most of the peak trails have narrow single track paths at some point which can be very scary with ice. Crampons require more training and I'd look into a class that teaches you how to walk/climb safely in them and use an ice ax for self arrest. People also get stuck because they figure out how to get up the the mountain and can't get down. There are plenty of stories of people falling off the one track trails up Baldy, Cucamonga and Baden Powell and even Icehouse Canyon, and lots of helicopter rescues as well this season already after only a brief snow season so far.

    This article is helpful – https://sectionhiker.com/winter-hiking-safety-tips/