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  • Anush K.

    February 10, 2018 at 1:05 am

    [quote quote=4412]I haven’t hiked San B and San G since the new day hike quota restrictions have been limited. But I need clarification from those who have hiked it recently.
    From the SGWA website: “Effective 9/1/17 Day Hikes will not be limited to a quota. All Day Hikes have become available for each date in the calendar. If you were previously denied for a Day Hike, you can resubmit your request to get approval. Self Issue forms will also be available for all open trails.”

    My question is: are those self issue forms actually available at the trailhead/parking lots or only at the Mill Creek Ranger Station? ie if I’m doing San B from Angelus Oaks, can I still drive straight to the trailhead and fill out a form there, or do I have to go to the Ranger station first? Thanks!![/quote]

    Hi Leigh! You don’t have to file for Day Hike at San Bernardino. They recommend it for the rangers to have your information in case something happens but it’s not required. However, if you are planning to camp there then you absolutely have to file the form. I’ve faxed the form ahead of time because it said on the form that it may take up to 5 days to process (we didn’t camp though.) You have to have the Adventure Pass though to park at the trailhead- that you can buy at any sport store or at the station.
    Regarding the trailhead- there is nobody at the trailhead so either drive to the station or fax it ahead of time. You can find the form on Angeles Nation Forest’s website.
    By the way, the last part of the road to the trailhead at Angelus Oaks is pretty sketchy. It’s a pretty much a dirt road so be ready and take your time.
    Good luck at San B.- it’s a tough but a stunning hike!

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