A Hot Hot Sister

Peak SummitedSouth Sister
Trailhead#36 South Sister Climber Trail

I was on the trail at 6:15 to beat the heat. It was already pretty warm, especially after leaving the tree line. Beautiful seeing the early morning sky even though it was hazy out. I summited in 4 hours. Many hikers were on the route for a midweek day. I thought the return would be quick but it took me 3 hours–partly going slow in the scree and also the heat was a factor. I finished off my 2 liters and wished I had more. It was 95 degrees in the parking lot trailhead and I was wiped out–but overall a great day.


  1. Jeff Hester

    Congratulations, @dasmall! South Sister is a heckuva hike, especially in the heat we had last week!

    I’m planning to hike it in a few weeks. 😉

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