Hike Log

A rainy hike to Mt Tamalpais


East Parking Lot

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free

Alright, due to time constraints and the distance my plan was to complete this last of my challenge hike, sometime during the month of December. Therefore I planned for it after the family holiday vacation, most likely on December 31st.. But the weather played spoil sport. After checking the weather for the last 3 days of this year heavy showers and wet days were already on the weather forecast.

Therefore, I quickly decided to keep a tab for any window of opportunity to head to one of the Mt Tamalpais trails. I wanted to do the old Hogback fire road trail and taking the upper fern creek tail and back but as I approached near the mountains the strong showers made me settle for the Verna Dunshee and the Plankwalk trail and do a short round hike around the East Ridge crest blvd. Due to the low clouds and continued showers the view from the peak was completely invisible unlike the last time when I could see the building of San Francisco downtown. Still there were few folks who perhaps came to enjoy the rains. I met a an elderly couple who were visiting from UK and though they were not pleased with the weather but I guess wanted to visit Mt Tamalpais about which they heard a lot. Indeed on a beautiful weather one cannot disagree that it is such a great view one can enjoy. Due to the heavy showers during the last few days, the trails were slippery and would not recommend as unless you are extra careful not a good idea to venture out through the rocky trails.  So lesson learnt is that never procrastinate things in life. I guess a nice realization to the end the remarkable year 2022 !

And thanks Jeff for this wonderful platform to share and inspire amateur hikers like us.!


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