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Peak SummitedMount San Jacinto
TrailheadDeer Springs Trailhead

Gorgeous Views makes up for this long hike. This is by far the most scenic hike so far! I absolutely loved it and it definitely is worth the 19.5 mile hike! Saw some wildlife again. Gotta watch out for them deer! Fairly easy hike until around mile marker 7, I struggled a lot to make it up the next 2 miles and then a partial rock climbing to the peak was easy! But the views on the peak were worth the struggle! Coming down was long… it felt like it was never ending… are we there yet? Haha but still amazing views to stay pumped up. This was by far the longest hike I have done and I was proud to conquer it with my love. We took 10 hours, so I will definitely find a way to be in much better shape to do this one again. It is definitely worth it!

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