Camelback is Cool

Peak SummitedCamelback Mountain
GroupRon Jackson

We've lived in Phoenix almost 20 years and have never hiked Camelback Mountain, the most popular hike in the city. Well, there was that one time, a few months after we moved here when we got halfway up and realized my then 5-year-old son Zach's bus would be arriving home shortly. We rushed back down and hurried home, only to miss him by a few minutes. The bus took him back to school and they were getting ready to call Child Protective Services. We arrived at the school to find him crying and being comforted by the school nurse (who was making it overly dramatic.) Zach has autism and sees the world a little differently than the typical child. From that day forward, for the next 11 years of school, he questioned whether we would REALLY be home when he arrived home, EVERY day! Yea, that was traumatic–for all of us. So, I could never climb this mountain since it brought back those memories–vivid, even today. Jeez, I was 3 minutes late. I think it's time to forgive and forget and move on. Thank you Six Pack of Peaks for forcing this one on me. Camelback is cool. Onward!

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