Hike Log

Cricket Summits Sizer


Corral–>Flat Frog

Type of Hike:

Multi-night backpack

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were terrible


Snow free

At Skeels meadow, one of the campgrounds, I saw crickets, and that’s how I got my trail name, “Cricket,” because I was SO excited to see them. The next morning we went out into the meadow and I had breakfast there. I thought it was really beautiful. Also, there were a LOT of ticks. That same morning we hiked up the shortcut. Well, it’s not really that much of a shortcut, because it’s not really short! It’s kinda long! It was REALLY steep… But it wasn’t the steepest hill. There are steeper hills. And I had a great time after that; I really liked everything. The shortcut was kinda poop though. We found out poverty flat camp had a Creek next to it and we saw frogs and a swimming snake! We saw a frog croaking like BRIBBIT BRIBBIT! And poverty flat was really not that flat of a campground. It should be called poverty bumps!

You know, we went to Mt. Sizer and I was like “this doesn’t look like a mountain at all. This looks like regular hill.” There was a tower on top of Mt. Sizer – I saw it and I was like WOAH this is cool! We crossed a giant creek on the way home… we didn’t even have to throw in rocks to make a bridge because there already was one! If you try to hike this same hike, be brave and watch out for mountain lions and also rattlesnakes and ticks. Hey, I want to give you a hint. Just hike and hike step by step and you’ll get closer and closer. And if you have a kid, bring Fruit by the Foot and let him pick up rocks.


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