Dancing with the wildflowers

Peak SummitedMount Diablo
TrailheadMitchell Canyon Visitor Center

Last Thursday (4/19), I hiked Mt. Diablo. Getting there was my first challenge as I had to take 5 freeways, cross the San Mateo Bridge, and go through a toll. 😬 I was very nervous to drive by myself since I had only driven in Bay traffic once on my way to Henry Coe to hike Mt. Sizer…yeah, traffic moves crazy fast! Though, I was determined to get out and go hiking so I wasn’t going to let a “little traffic” stop me…..lol.

I started my hike at the Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center and was greeted by distant gobbling! There were two turkeys on a neighboring trail and it was fun to hear them carry on. I saw only one other person on the trail and enjoyed the East Bay views and wildflowers in solitude. I signed a registry at Eagle Peak and climbed a ridge all the way to the top. I met a girl up there who was also solo hiking and we had lunch together. 🙂 On my way down, I saw a lovely creek and a baby coyote! Total stats: 5.5 hrs moving time, 15 miles and 3500ft. 4/6 Peaks in the NorCal Six Pack of Peaks Challenge.
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