Epic End to the Six Pack Of Peaks

Peak SummitedRose Peak
TrailheadSunol Wilderness

12hrs and 19.2 miles later……. Rose Peak was crushed. 2 friends and I started this hike at around 9:20am from Sunol Wilderness and ended it at about 9:15pm with an extra fellow hiker who did not want to get caught in the dark by himself. This hike was definitely a journey. Although I did not think this was the hardest peak to crush, having a newish hiker join my friend and I (who I usually hike with) on this journey was tough but extremely rewarding at the end of it all. There were many stops and tears shed on this hike, but the determination and grit to complete it made this journey a memorable one. A bobcat, cows, hawks and mountain lions were among the wildlife we saw on this hike.


  1. Jeff Hester

    Congratulations on completing the NorCal challenge, @rred2929! Rose Peak is definitely one of those that isn’t a hard peak, per se… but the mileage and the up-and-down still make it a tough hike. Well done!

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