Fabulous (but challenging!) Flatiron

Peak SummitedFlatiron
Type of HikeDay hike
TrailheadSiphon Draw
EncounteredWildflowers blooming
Road ConditionsRoad suitable for all vehicles
Bug StatusNo bugs
Snow ConditionsSnow free
Trail ConditionsTrail in good condition

When I traveled to Arizona to complete the Six Pack of Peaks Winter Challenge, the first hike I did was Flatiron. Whoa! In my opinion.. talk about starting with the hardest one first.

I arrived at the trailhead just after 7:00 a.m. to get an early start on the day.

I’d only been to the Superstition Wilderness once before and loved it then.. just like I loved my arrival this time.

Since it was mid-April, at the lower elevation, there were TONS of yellow flowers in bloom. So, so gorgeous.

For about the first hour, I saw two hikers behind me (I don’t think they were going all the way, since I saw them once and never again), and then one other gentleman (Bart). Bart lives at the base of the hills, and was a good conversationalist. While we didn’t hike together per say, he offered some good advice about a few turns and whatnot, and where to veer.

I’ll say one thing: I’m SUPER GLAD I had my gloves on Picacho, but wow, I wish I had them here. I didn’t expect there to be so much bouldering. That’s definitely what took the most time – figuring out which way to go, and then figuring out how to get up. I’m thankful for Bart, and a small group of hikers that I saw – it was nice to be able to “follow” someone, as the bouldering wasn’t well marked on the way up (on the way down, I saw a lot of the blue X’s marked on the rocks).

I enjoyed the views about half way up the most – when the lighting was just perfect, and the views were amazing. The overall TOP wasn’t that mesmerizing to me – nice place for a little snack.

The effort in going UP was the most rewarding.

I’ll say that I think I came down a different way than I went up. On the way up, there was a “wall” that I had to navigate that was very tough. I didn’t see that wall on the way down. The way down, as much as I don’t like going down (slipping on loose gravel, etc.), seemed much easier. Not sure what I did “wrong” on the way up.

All that aside – Flatiron was CHALLENGING. I really didn’t expect all that bouldering. The day after, I really felt it in my arms! Whew!


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