Following the Falling Waters to Lincoln

Peak SummitedMount Lincoln
TrailheadFalling Waters

This trailhead truly lives up to it’s name, the Waterfalls are breathtaking! We were able to hit 3 peaks in one hike….Little Haystack, Mt Lincoln and Mt Lafayette. The trail was quite enjoyable with some switchbacks and plenty of uphill especially near the summit of Little Haystack. We encountered a trail maintainer who acted as our own Peak Finder App naming all the different peaks off into the distance, and there were a lot of them! The trail continued on a fairly easy path to Mt Lincoln and then onto Mt Lafayette. We descended down the Greenleaf Hut Trail ( only after we were alerted by two other hikers that we were on the wrong trail at first which was the Garfield Trail..phew) we turned around and continued on to the Greenleaf Hut and then onto the Old Bridle Trail. All in all it was a great hike on a beautiful day 😊

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