Gotta Keep the Dog Happy

Peak SummitedTumalo Mountain
TrailheadDutchman Flat

After a 3 day camping trip with friends and their dogs, my pup was very disappointed when I started packing up the tent on the last morning. But I had one surprise left for him. Having a few hours to spare before I needed to be home to back and leave on work travel, I stopped at the Tumalo Mountain trailhead for one last weekend hike. Ok, it was for me too! We were early enough that there were very few people on the trail and the summit, but on the descent we passed many groups. The lingering patch of snow just below the final few switchbacks to the summit was a welcome break from the hot sun and Thor made some doggy friends as he rolled around in it. I appreciated the view from the top since the last time I was up here it was blocked by smoke!


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  1. I’ve been up there twice in July. The first time there was still a patch of snow on the east flank, but this week it was all gone. The skies are still clear though!