Gypsy Heart to Blame

Peak SummitedMount Bierstadt
TrailheadGuanella Pass Trailhead

My brother and I arrived at the trailhead a little before 8 that morning. There were plenty of cars filling up the parking lot so we decided to try to get a head start from as many of them as possible.

The air was cool and crisp but the sun warmed us up especially once we began the incline. The first part of the trail was covered with shrubs and had a few bridges to ensure safe clean boots from the marshy land. Once the level of steepness starts to rise its best to be careful with your footing. The path is wide enough for groups to comfortable pass each other.

Within being half a mile from the peak, the trail becomes very rocky and its more of a scramble to get to the top. Its classified as a level 3 hike, and I would pass caution to elderly and children who don't have very great balance


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