How about vertical? Is vertical steep enough?

Peak SummitedFlatiron
TrailheadSiphon Draw

The descriptions are clear, but somehow I was still surprised by how steep that last bit is. This is not so much a hike as it is a climb, needing hands and feet for a good part of it. I added a picture of people working their way up that last section. I was glad for the practice in the SoCal Sixpack, so my quads and knees were fine. It was busy, but there is plenty of parking at the trailhead. I started late (9 am), as it gets pretty chilly here at night and then warms up to the high 60s, so I only needed a baselayer. The scenery in the mountains is amazing in, though the view over Phoenix at the top was not my favorite. Facing south-east there were some great formations and I spend a lunch hour drawing that. Downhill is treacherous, perhaps one of the few times that going downhill was as slow as going up. Plenty of people butt-scooting. Round trip was still only a bit over 5 hours (I am not that fast, but the nice part of being in shape is I didn’t need to stop along the way – thank you sixpack!).


  1. Pam Blackburn

    Great decription! I did this one last week and my knees and quads felt it for a few days. Your pictures really captured the steepness of the mountain and you nailed it on the drawing!

    1. Gershom Post author

      Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the hike! I will be back in next month or so for the rest of the peaks.

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