I Didn’t Cry!

Peak SummitedPicacho Peak
TrailheadHunter Trail
GroupCompleted with my husband, Ron Jackson and logging for both of us.

We started just after sunrise and it was a perfect day, sunny and about 55 degrees when we began and warmed up along the way. I was grateful to a friend who told me I would need gloves for the cable section (Thanks Patty!). I am not one to turn around, quit of not finish. It's my competitive nature. But, before I even began I was ready to admit defeat and that this may the ONE hike I was unable to finish. I read reports from various sources talking about how hard and scary it was, especially if you don't like heights–or falling from them. I totally planned on crying over the scary, sketchy, cable section (which I thought was just one section..oh no, not so much!). My biggest concern though is that I don't have much use of my right hand so I may not have the strength to do this.

Picacho turned out to be my favorite hike I've ever done. Prior to this it was Humphrey's. That was cool because I conquered the highest peak in Arizona, But, this was cool on a different level. It's exciting and fun and adventurous. I did it! I loved it! When are we going back?


    1. Jeff Hester

      They should auto-magically correct. I see you have one photo that looks sideways, but when you click it to open the slideshow, it’s turned the right way.

      Would you recommend bringing gloves for the cable sections?

  1. Pam Blackburn

    I would definitely recommend bringing gloves for the cable sections. I’m very grateful someone recommended that to me.

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