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Peak SummitedFremont Saddle
TrailheadPeralta Trail Head

My second hike from the AZ sixpack. Again, not too long. The incline was gradual, and many casual weekend hikers were sharing the trail. It got rather busy. It was still plenty warm, a baselayer was plenty. Hiking poles were not were handy on the bedrock, but a single pole for balance was nice. It took me 3 hours round trip, coming off from the SoCal sixpack. I walked a bit beyond the saddle towards the needle to get away from the Starbucks crowd, but the views from the saddle are probably best. I found a nice soft rock for a break and to sketch the Weavers needle. It felt like a film set, with towering volcanic structures, saguaro cacti, and circling redtail hawks. Very different from SoCal. Thus far the hikes have not been as challenging as, say, San Jacinto or San Bernardino, but a great introduction to the area and the kinds of trails AZ has to offer.


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  1. I got a late start; was at the trailhead by 9:20 (which had nothing to do with sampling the local margaritas!). As Arizona is an hour ahead of California, you also get an hour extra of daylight (Sunset was 5;20 pm today). Though it was busy, there still was (overflow) parking. The hike is not that long, so unless you insist on cramming multiple hikes in a day you should be fine.