It burns soooo good!!🔥

Peak Summited2021 Turtlehead Peak
Type of HikeDay hike
TrailheadSandstone Quarry Trailhead
Hiking CompanionsHiked with a partner
Road ConditionsRoad suitable for all vehicles
Bug StatusNo bugs
Snow ConditionsIntermittent snow - not hard to cross
Trail ConditionsTrail in good condition

This was an awesome hike and a great start to the  challenge for what’s to come ahead! We started the hike just before 6:30am to beat any crowds. It was 36 degrees out, but we warmed up real fast as  we began our ascent. This hike got our heart rates going for sure, with the elevation gain in a short distance, it worked us good, we felt the burn but it felt great!💪🏼 The trail condition was great. There are some loose rock throughout so you have to be aware and cautious or you could easily slip.  It is well marked, but if you aren’t paying attention, you can easily get off trail (🙋🏻‍♀️ I may or may not have done that but who’s keeping track😜) Luckily my observant husband was with me or I may have taken the long way!😝  As we approached the top, we started to see patches of snow here and there. Nothing crazy, but be cautious going down as it does make for a slower descent to avoid skidding across slick rock. Me again, I did that🙋🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I know how to keep my husband entertained😝
The views at the top though!👌🏼 Amazing! This great cardio workout, I mean hike, was well worth  every huff and puff to the top! Breathtaking seeing the sun come up over the peak!  Looking forward to the next challenging hike!


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  1. Thanks for the post! I am planning on doing that this coming week. Do you know if Griffith Peak is accessible per chance?

    1. You’re welcome🙂
      That area up there, the Spring Mountain Rec Area, has a winter storm warning right now, supposed to be getting 11-16 inches of snow tomorrow.🥶 It may or may not be accessible after the storm, but the trail may not be too safe to hike this week. May have to keep an eye on the weather and see when it clears up.

      1. Thanks! Well… im here… gonna try a few of the lower elevation ones… we’ll see how it goes! Thx!

        1. Reservations are required now within Red Rock Canyon from 8am-5pm, but the park opens at 6am. If you go before 8am, you don’t need reservations. But there’s a bunch of snow out there now so be safe if you go out there. A hiker was just taken out of the park by a fire crew yesterday after falling and getting injured. It’s slick out there! But there are no reservations required at the trailheads in the Spring Mountain Rec area as far as I know.

      1. Oh wow! I bet that was crazy! Haha I’m sure it was beautiful at the top being covered in snow. Glad you made it back down safe!