Juneuary on Paulina Peak

Peak SummitedPaulina Peak
TrailheadPaulina Peak Trailhead

After cold weather and precip in Bend on Saturday, I wasn't quite sure what to expect at elevation on Sunday. I threw some traction devices in my day pack and set off for Paulina Peak. The trailhead was dry and snow-free, but as I passed the 7000 ft mark I entered a winter wonderland! There wasn't much snow on the ground but hoar frost was still clinging to the trees. I was singing Christmas carols to my dog as we hiked up the trail! After the peak we hiked around the Big Obsidian Flow and splashed along the shore of East Lake. The prior day's weather had scared the crowds off and we had a beautiful day in Newberry Volcanic Monument almost to ourselves!


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  1. Looks like perfect conditions! The road is open, the trail is clear, and there’s a dusting of fresh snow on the trees. Juneuary rocks! ๐Ÿ˜‰