Marching up Maiden

Peak SummitedMaiden Peak
TrailheadMaiden Peak Trailhead

The Maiden Peak hike starts out pretty easy going. The incline is pretty gradual as the trail winds through the forest. After about 3ish miles is the first significant climb, which seems to go on for a bit. Then the trail intersects with the PCT and continues an uphill course. The trail levels off for a little stretch and then the last 1-2 miles is essentially a climb the alternates between steep climb and not as steep climb. The hike is in the trees until essentially the summit, which makes for some nice breakout views of mountains and lakes in every direction. The only downside today was the smoke in the sky, otherwise it was a great hike and I was the only hiker out there. There were three people mountain biking however, including one older guy who was pushing his bike up just below the summit as I was beginning to descend.


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