Monadnock Peak – my 2nd peak to ever climb

Peak Summited2020 Mount Monadnock
Type of HikeDay hike
TrailheadWhite Dot Trail
EncounteredWildflowers blooming
Hiking CompanionsHiked with a partner
Road ConditionsRoad suitable for all vehicles
Bug StatusBugs were terrible
Snow ConditionsSnow free
Trail ConditionsTrail in good condition

To begin this story, I must explain a little about myself.   I’m only 5’2,  I have asthma, I am not in the best shape however I’m strong.   I should live in a bubble due to all my allergies including pine, mold, grass, flowers.. everything lol. I feel more comfortable taking beach walks and playing with makeup.  Oh and I am a klutz!  For my birthday this year which falls the day after everyone makes their New Years Resolutuons, I decided to do something special.   My son graduated high school this year and this was a year about me conquering goals and finding the new me.  The person who can conquer anything.   I was going to climb 3 peaks.   My friends and family officially thought I was nuts. Heck my son asked if I had a good life insurance policy.    Ever the joker.   I asked a friend to join me and I conquered the 3 peaks by mid June and I’m addicted!

I wanted to keep this amazing feeling going so I signed up for the 6 peak challenge.   The best part – 2 of the mountains I already did.  Yay!
I will be honest.  The first 5 to 15 minutes of any hike I want to quit.  I keep my pace slow and steady and find that I absolutely love it.   Half way, I truly begin to question my life choices in the ideas of fun.   But the feeling that comes over you when you get past the tree line is unforgettable.  The summit is the moment of triumph!    You want to spend time absorbing the views, the excitement, the smushed sandwich you packed but then you realize .. you are only at the halfway point.  You have to go back down.  The journey down I find that I’m mentally adding a hammock, zip line, hang glider, steak and potatoes and a bath in bug spray to my backpack for the next hike!   I even understand the scene in Parent Trap when she stated “get me out of this stinking fresh air”.  The europhic feeling at the end is incredible.  Especially for me (I survived!)   Truly I love it!!

Mt. Monadnock.  (White dot/ white cross trail. ) The most climbed mountain in the USA.
Amazing views but most importantly the amount of inner strength that you find within yourself.
“Just around the bend” and “we are half way there” when we had a whole mountain ahead of us was our motto. 😃. I now understand why poets and authors hike and climb mts. You reflect on how amazing life and this world truly is.
My reflection as I stumbled over some rocks… (we are all on the same trail with the same goal however each of us is taking our own path. )

The weather was absolutely amazing.  I have found that anything under 70 is perfect.  I discovered that June is the season for those pesky black flies.  never in my life have I come across them before.   I truly feel those things should be on a sci-fi movie.   They bite like green head and leave massive lumps the following day.   I had bug spray but these little villains were on attack.
I did feel that the trails were busy but people were awesome in wearing masks or turning themselves in passing (the virus).   I wish there was a rule of no blaring music from fellow hikers especially since the invention of earbuds and the fact that we are trying to enjoy nature however I learned to take it all in and hike to the beat.
The trail was in great shape.  The markers were easy to find (even for a novice).  The best part of this hike – it kept changing in technical style.  Just when you got tired of walking over rocks etc it would change to boulders etc.  The views along the entire trail were fabulous.  I took many breaks to enjoy them  and to gain my breath. Let’s be honest I was doing a lot of selfies to prove I did it.    Once out of the tree line the bug devils disappeared and the breeze was fantastic.   The peak was fantastic- small compared to Greylock but plenty of space for 20 people to enjoy the 360 views …simply impressive.  Note: the peak is windy!   There is a medallion showing the highest point – thankfully no one was sitting on it.  (I wish there was a sign stating “you crazy person, you made it!  Great job”.
Before your descent, make sure you go down the correct side of the mountain!   I read about this and actually came across this poor lady who climbed at least 15 min down before I explained she was on the wrong side.   ( I personally hate wasted steps unless there is a good reason).
We took the white cross trail back down.  It was a challenge but it was definitely easier than white dot.   Side note: there was a man who ran the trail 3x while I was there.  I mean RAN!   Also there are families hiking it.  So it’s doable for anyone.   Make sure you are wearing hiking shoes with traction,  have plenty of water and snacks.

Oh and I found my  heart shape rock!!!
My motto;
Slow and steady. There is no shame in sliding and crawling 🤣😂. My poor toes on the way down.


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