Mount Baldy – round 2

Peak SummitedMount Baldy
TrailheadBear Trail
GroupHiked with an Aussie

So why did I go again? Our company has a yearly exchange program with an Australian company. The visiting Aussie ( prefers not to be named – anti social media), wanted a peak hike and was thrilled to take the hard way. I figured I would complete the reverse hike and came down to Manker Flats. With only one car – dropped the Aussie off at the trailhead then took the car to Manker Flats. Had bought a cheap beach bike and had a thrilling ride back to the trailhead. Smoked the brakes on the bike. Found out on the trip up that a 2.5 hour sleep the night before doesn’t work well – especially at the higher heights – just wanted to lay down sleep. Expected to not see many people as it was a Thursday, but actually met several groups that were hiking for the challenge.


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