Mount Ellinor

Peak Summited2020 Mount Ellinor
Type of HikeDay hike
Trailhead3 miles below lower trail head do to trees down across the road
Road ConditionsSnow and ice on road
Bug StatusNo bugs
Snow ConditionsTrail snow-covered at times - Gear and expertise recommended
Trail ConditionsObstacles on trail

Had to start 3 miles below the lower trail head due to trees down and blocking road from previous nights wind storm… about a mile into it I put on my snow shoes and wore them until about halfway up the winter route shoot when I switched to my cramp ons…it was cold and windy but over all a beautiful day!


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    1. I left my car a little after 8am…two other guys summited shortly after I did…one of them had an accident on the way down and I stayed with them and helped…we didn’t get to our cars until 8pm…long day lol..but he was surprisingly ok and that’s what really mattered

        1. One of the guys decide to glissade down starting at the summit…the surface was ice and he couldn’t slow himself down, he rolled over and tried to self arrest but couldn’t and he slid right off the side and disappeared… in-between the winter route and summer route…it took awhile to find him..to be honest I thought we were looking for a body..but somehow he ended up with just a busted up face and his clothing torn up, and I’m sure lots of ugly bruises..I don’t know how he stopped, he lost his ice ax halfway down and his snow shoes, that were on his pack..his gloves went farther than he did..no idea how he stopped or how he wasn’t more serious injured…lots and lots of luck..it was pretty unreal and not something I won’t be forgetting…