Mount Greylock

Peak SummitedMount Greylock
TrailheadBellows Pipe and Thunderbolt Trail

I wanted to take advantage of the cooler temps and the fact that it wasn't raining (since it's supposed to do that for the next week or so), so I made an impromptu drive out to Adams to tackle Greylock. Things got off to a bit of a frustrating start – the trailheads weren't easy to identify, so I ended up hiking up Thunderbolt Ski Trail, which was gorgeous but crazy steep (I can see now why they don't recommend hiking that trail in the summer, lots of slick clay and dry, loose dirt). I came back down the Bellows Pipe Trail, which was much easier. Lesson learned on doing some additional prep before arriving. 😉 Either way, the entire hike was gorgeous, especially the views from the top. The memorial is absolutely beautiful. And there were a couple of paragliders taking off from the summit, which was fun to watch. Halfway through the peaks challenge!


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