Mount Wilson and Its Antennas

Peak SummitedMount Wilson
TrailheadChantry Flat Trailhead
GroupN/A - Hiked by myself

I had previously did this hike on December 30th, 2017 but thought it may not count for the SixPeakChallenge2018 as it was in 2017 so I went to do it again. My intent was to use it as practice trail run as I have a big upcoming race next weekend in Catalina Island. I ended up getting a little knee pain and decided to slow it down as I did not want to get hurt and miss my race upcoming hike to San Gorgonio on Saturday. The trail is a great trail to jog or run and has a little area which is burned from a recent fire. Overall this is a good workout and the best views are on the opposite side of the parking lot so don't forget to go to that side when doing this peak.


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