Mt. Sherman, The “easy” 14er

Peak SummitedMount Sherman
TrailheadMt. Sherman

New 14er to add to the books. They say it’s the easiest but no 14er is easy. Great road trail most of the way up. Make sure to not accidentally go too far left going up Mt. Sheridan or just hike that one too with Sherman!


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  1. Hi did you do both horseshoe and Sherman on the same trek!? How long was the total trip and any advice on doing both in a day?! Thanks

    1. Hello sorry I’m just seeing this comment but yes I did both on the same trek. I finished each hike in under 3 hours each so about 6 total. Very doable to do both with them being so close, just get that early start to have the best weather.

      Plenty of people on Sherman and I ran into 1 other couple on Horseshoe. Since Sherman is higher I recommend doing that one first to avoid any weather issues but reality you will be exposed to the elements on both mountains. Both are great hikes, good luck!