Mount Wilson

Peak SummitedMount Wilson
TrailheadChantry Flats

Arrived 1st thing Friday morning (6am). Uneventful ascent, other than getting kind-of-lost where the trail splits for Sturtevant Falls. The last 2 miles were slooooow. ~1.2mph average. Made the summit just before 10am, enjoyed walking around the observatory. Checked out the Hooker Telescope, got my “view” shot, refilled water bottles, then headed down at 10:20. Descent was also uneventful – a little less shady then the way up, but also wonderful views for the first couple miles. A tree has fallen completely across the trail at one point, requiring a scramble. Had a bit of a struggle on the final ascent (coming back up the paved path to the car) – it was now 95 degrees with no shade. Sweat+sunscreen got in my eyes, and polished off almost a liter of water to get back up this hill. Maybe next time I'll try the Upper Winter Creek trail down from Hoegee's camp.

Pros – really nice trail all the way, almost complete shade on the way up.
Cons – Bugs! I sprayed a lot of bug spray, but that only keeps them from landing on you, they still fly all around your face/head. There were fewer on the way down. I saw people with facenets, that looks like a good idea.


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