My first peak in the snow – San Jacinto

Peak SummitedMount San Jacinto

This was the first hike I started with and the first I'd do in the snow. Did the tram up to the trailhead and started from there. I felt the altitude as soon as I walked outside from the tram. I was hoping that it would be okay as I hiked but it wouldn't be the case. The weather was comfortable considering there was snow everywhere. I was wearing all of my gear so I was comfortable. It was the first time I wore microspikes and thank goodness I did because they were needed. The trail was beautiful and as I got closer to the top I started to feel the altitude more and more and my speed got slower with many more stops along the way. About a mile from the peak, I cried not knowing if I could make it to the top but I took a minute to gather and give myself a pep talk to keep going. At the end climbing up the rocks to the peak, my hand had cramped up from the cold and I lost my grip falling down on my back. I thought I'd lose it again but I got up and tried again to climb the rocks and seeing the top of the sign. With great relief, I had finally made it to the top and accomplishing my first peak of the year.

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