My last hike for original six!

Peak SummitedSan Bernardino Peak
TrailheadAngeles Oaks

The hike was just great! This was the last hike to get the original six!

Finished with the original six + Baden-Powel!

I went on this hike with Dan (who has also gone with me for every hike of the original six) and my brother (who went with me up Baden-Powell). We talked a lot (the boys mostly about their shared love of motorcycles), hiked super fast, and made it to the top for peak avocados. Seriously, avocados are a great hiking snack and surprisingly easy to take up with you to a peak).

This was a pretty long hike – 16 miles in one day. We started a bit late due to traffic and permits so we actually ended up hiking through a really beautiful sunset and on a dark trial with headlamps. It was actually really cool and I think that is going to make this one very memorable! Also, I love hanging with these two dudes. They are the best people and I was really happy to have shared quite a few peaks with them over the year.

I started this challenge thinking, woah… I think that is way to hard. Maybe I'll try Wilson? In just a few month of hiking around these peaks, I had scaled a 14er, gone on countless overnight backpacking trips (which I love), met and hiked with some very amazing people, and felt really connected with Southern California in a really interesting way. I had grown up in SoCal and had been so close to all of these peaks and forests and wilderness areas. It was pretty incredible to get to explore them in a way I never thought I would.

Cheers! Thank you so much for an incredible experience.

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