Hike Log

My legs are tired….from driving :(


Mount Pinos Trail

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were not too bad


Intermittent snow – not hard to cross

Mount Pinos Peak

April 27th, 2019

3 take aways from this hike; and then some:

  1. Holy cow this place is far to get to! It is right at the border at Kern County, which is almost at bakersfield; it took me 5 hours round trip to drive, basically a drive to NorCal.
  2. Way, and I mean Way Too Easy. I don't really say this, but this peak wasn't the 6 pack of peak “challenge” I was looking for. And personally, I do not think that this can be an alternative to one of the original six, the challenge was a disappointing. I find other hikes like echo mountain (low-moderate) or even Iron Mountain (med-hard) a more suitable substitute pack of peaks challenge.
  3. Snow is all but gone. Sure there is still some snow patches here and there, but there is no need for microspikes, crampons, or ice axe; it will get even more clearer by the day.

Extra notes:

  • Trail-head was clear condition.
  • I did not drink any water at all on the hike, it was pretty simple and strenuous-free the whole way.
  • I met a lot of nice people on the way there from north Los Angeles and Bakersfield county.
  • It took me 1 hour 30 mins RT. I was walking gingerly, enjoying the short hike. I even stopped to talk to people for a good amount of time.


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  1. Sorry you drove so far for a shorter hike. I did this trail from McGill trail and it’s a 15.4 mile route. Next year looking to do from the West on the Vincent Tumamait trail.

  2. @simeyM10 Haha don’t worry, it was my fault for not looking into harder trails before getting there, but sounds like you are very familiar with this one! And also, just because it wasn’t challenging, didn’t mean I enjoyed it, enjoyed every bit of it (my first time at Mount Pinos too)! Hope you have luck with that Vincent Tumamait Trail.