New Years Day on Mount San Jacinto

Peak SummitedMount San Jacinto
TrailheadRound Valley Trail from Mountain Station (Aerial Tram)

January 1, 2018 was such a beautiful first day of the year. The weather was perfect for hiking. I luckily had the day off and decided to see if I can get a few of my team members to join me. Unfortunately most are either sick, already away for the weekend or suffering from some injury preventing them from hiking. I was able to get Edith Rivas to join me on a hike to Mount San Jacinto.

My plan was to make this a quick trip but there is no such thing with all the traffic to and from LA. We did end up making up and down just under 4 hours, having jogged (Trail Running) down.

The weather at the peak was nice but a little chilly and recommend a light jacket and maybe some light gloves. Other than that the summit was not crowded at all today and had some amazing views which you can see on the picture I will post.

Looking to complete the SoCal Six Pack of Peaks within the first month and if possible within the first two weeks. Let's see who else I can inspire and / or convince to join me on another year of awesome Peak Baggin'
Thanks Jeff for putting this together each year!!!

Now let's go make this happen…


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  1. Go #TeamNoSleep! Four hours is an epic time, @tonyramosjr!

    It’s great to see so many challengers out on New Year’s Day. We’ll see how long this weather holds out… If you finish in two weeks, you’ll likely be one of the first to finish!

  2. Thanks Jeff! I am also very glad that so many people are already starting the challenge on the first day of the year… I hope to have a few more posts this weekend… Let’s get this done!