NH Highest

Peak SummitedMount Washington
TrailheadAmmonoosuc Ravine Trail/ Jewel

What a gorgeous trail. First mile or so was really easy. I thought to myself I’m hiking the highest mountain when am I going to gain elevation? Then there it was around the bend you see the trail go up and it was steady along a waterfall up until you reach the lake of clouds hut. I had to keep stopping to take pictures because the waterfall was simply breathtaking. While i was hiking you could hear and see the cog and the black smoke from it. It was neat but the smoke definitely filled up the valley. (Glad they only do this for the first train only) made a pit stop at the hut before I hiked up Mount Monroe. What an amazing view I had and the summit to myself while I waited for my friends who were coming from Eisenhower. After that we made our way together up to Washington. Those rocks are no joke as I felt like everyone I stepped on was loose and they were not fun. Making it to the summit though was worth it. Having to wait in line to get the summit picture where you stand with people who drove up was a little annoying but no too bad. The views were great and the hike was tiring but fun. This hike completed the six pack challenge for us and my friend Ralph finished his NH 48 same day. Congrats to Ralph! I can’t wait to finish mine someday.


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