Ontario & Bighorn

Peak SummitedOntario Peak
TrailheadIcehouse Canyon

The views on this hike are fantastic. I found it to be more beautiful than Cucamonga. Upon summitting, my friend and I took a break with several people enjoying their lunches. Unfortunately for us, we didn't pack lunch that day other than the usual energy bars. Boy, were we salivating over everyone else's food and hoping that someone would offer us something. 😀 After we've had enough dreaming about food, we decided to head back. Since Bighorn Peak would only add a handful of miles, we decided to go for it. Despite the short distance, this detour required so much energy that it felt like we wouldn't make it. One step in front of the other and we finally made it to Bighorn Peak. Frankly, the summit was kind of underwhelming. Starving and exhausted, we headed back to Icehouse Canyon.


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