Peak SummitedOntario Peak
TrailheadIcehouse Canyon Trailhead

Got started at 1:30pm – in retrospect, not the best idea as this puts the sun on you pretty much the whole way up (vs starting in the early AM where you don't see the sun for hours). Given the surface of the trail (white rocks/gravel most of the way), it amplified the 82 degree starting temp. I ended up drinking 3.5L of fluid and still returned 5lbs lighter than when I left.

Upside – its a gorgeous time to do this hike, particularly a lower, gentle sun as you ascend from the Saddle towards Ontario Peak. I saw several deer families on this stretch. It is 2.6 miles with only 1000′ of gain but given the elevation, this was tougher than I expected. Summit at 5:10pm, started back down at 5:30pm. Returned to my car at 8:10pm and it was getting dark near the end.

Trail conditions were great. There were a few stretches between the Saddle and the Peak where you are walking through a skinny path between flowering shrubs/bushes, with bees active. I am pretty big and jostled quite a few of them but they paid no mind to me. Had the peak to myself the whole time.


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