Overnight and Thunderstorm on San Gorgonio

Peak SummitedSan Gorgonio
TrailheadVivian Creek

Backpacked this one starting on Saturday night. Hiked to Halfway camp and spent the night there. I was a calm gorgeous night. It was pretty clear out so I did some stargazing. Got started up the mountain on Sunday about 8:30am and made the summit at around 1:30pm. Didn't linger very long on the top because it was pretty cold and windy. Got a few sprinkles coming down and didn't think much of it, but when I got to High Creek it started to downpour and hail. The hail was about the size of bb's and it hurt. Rained pretty heavily for a few hours. I didn't bring any rain gear (won't be making that mistake again) so I was completely drenched. Made it back to the parking lot about 8:30pm. Luckily the water at the wash had died down quite a bit when I crossed it. When I got home I saw a video of it in full force after the storm. It looks like people were stranded for a little while.


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