Peak SummitedMount Sizer
TrailheadMonument Trail

This was my last hike for the NorCal Six Pack of Peaks and now I’m going to have P.H.D (Post Hike Depression) until the 2019 season starts Jan 1.

This hike was great I got started right as the sun was rising and I didn’t see any other hikers until mile 12 as I was heading back up towards Coe Headquarters. This was my third attempt at Sizer since attempt 1 back in May the road heading up East Dunne was closed for repairs and attempt 2 I ran into a massive wild boar which promptly saw me return to the trailhead. All in all a great hike though the inclines snuck up on me at miles 4 and 12 I didn’t realize how quickly you gain the elevation in these two spots!!! Frog Lake looked like glass and the weather was perfect for a final 2019 hike!!

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