Paulina Peak with Pals

Peak SummitedPaulina Peak
TrailheadPaulina Peak Trailhead

If you're not from the area, it's pronounced Paul-line-a… The instructions from Social Hiker's Paulina Peak link to get to the trailhead were spot on, very easy to find. Some good pals from the Responsible Punks (www.responsiblepunks.com) were passing through town and they agreed to go with my wife, our 8 year old daughter and me. Trail was well maintained and instructions about avoiding the false trail were nice. With the 8 year old -who did it all on her own- we made it to the top in about 80 min, but it helped to have one of the Punk's 14 yr old soccer son there to keep us moving. We have a trail book that calls this one a difficult trail, but the link says it's moderate. It's all about perspective, but it's got some decent inclines that last. We hit it on a very gorgeous 70 degree day. Regardless of the temp, this one needs water, you will be breathing out a lot of it. If you're not in shape, be ready for some sore gluteus maxima the next day, just ask the Responsible Punks if you ever get to catch them 🙂


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