Quad Dippers, Celebrity Instagramer and Water, Oh My!

Peak SummitedMount Tamalpais
TrailheadDipsea @ Stinson Beach
GroupMy sister, Marin

I did it!!! I finished the North Cal Six Pack of Peaks Challenge! Today my sister Marin and I, embarked on a strenuous hike up to Mt. Tam from Stinson Beach. 15 miles round trip, 2,700ft elevation gain and oh the views and terrain…my soul is filled! We started off with a huge surprise….an ultra trail run (Quad Dipsea) was going on the first section of the trail we needed to go on! Lol. So what normally would have taken 20 minutes, took twice that, because we wanted to make sure the runners had the right of way. We were amazed at how chipper the runners were and I even saw a famous ultra runner/instagramer, The Dirt Diva herself, Catra! I wanted to give her a shout out, but totally brain farted her name when she passed. Lol. Oh well. Anyway, the Dipsea gave way to the stunning steep ravine trail. Let me tell you, if I could hike but one trail, it would be this one. For almost 2 miles I was surrounded by cascading water and lush ferns….heaven! I even got to climb up a neat ladder. The last half going up was nice as we followed a fire road so our feet got a much needed break from the steeper rocky terrain. We had just gotten to the top and caught a quick view of the Marin headlands, downtown SF, east and South Bay before the fog rolled in. 🙌 Woah, incredible! We went back the way we came, except, instead of taking the steep ravine, we took the Matt Davis from Pantoll Campground. It was cool to see some different terrain of grassy hills and views of the beach! Though, as we got closer to the beach, the train became more lush, fern filled and lots of water! My favorite! The last two miles were also muddy at times with some mini puddles to navigate. After 15 miles and 6:30 hours later, we finished. What a beautiful and unforgettable trail! I’m so glad I finished at Mt. Tam. Definitely the prettiest and most scenic! Out of the six, Mt. Tam wears the 👑.💓 Thank you @jeffhester Northern California Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge SoCal Hiker for such a fun experience! Now, to log my other hikes from months ago so I can go to the finishers party in January! 😂💓

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