Snow scrambling up Baden-Powell

Peak SummitedMount Baden-Powell
TrailheadVincent Gap

Perfect temperature and cloud cover made this steep trek up the mountain so enjoyable! It was in the 50s and cloudy most of the time, but the sun made a few appearances to light the way. I started at 10am, and was worried that my late start would mean a packed parking lot, but it was not full at all. The first two miles went very smoothly, but I got a little slower in the last half of the summit. I made a friend on the way down (Amanda), and we chatted about lots of things! Afterward, I got some In N Out because I couldn't get those yummy animal style fries out of my head while I was hiking. This was a great hike to test out some new backpacking boots I just bought! There was lots of residual snow on the trail which I didn't mind, but it did get a little slippery.

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