Hike Log

Snowy ☃ Baden-Powell peace to my soul


Mt Baden-Powell Trail

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Trail snow-covered at times – Gear and expertise recommended

The 4th and by far my most favorite hike of the challenge.  It was my 1st time using micro spikes and they were a must on this snow-covered trail with icy and windy conditions the last mile.  I felt like I was in a winter wonderland that brought peace to my soul with the muffled sounds that a blanket of snow provides. All the switchbacks made the climb gradual and with the snow, it was like a walk in the park. There was no wind until we started the summit and then all hell broke loose, and it was a force to be reckoned with. It laughed at my innocence as it stole my glove with its violent gusts.  No fear, I learned from my last hike to be over prepared, and I had a 2nd pair.  My fingers stayed toasty all the way down, but I wasn't so smart with my choice of shoes.  Being my first snow hike, I didn't think through the mesh unwaterproofed hiking shoes, and my toes were cold, and my socks were soaked as we finished the hike.  Luckily, I did have a 2nd pair of socks and another pair of shoes in the car for the drive home.  Another lesson learned.


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