SPOP Legacy Hike and Trail Maintenance

Peak SummitedSitton Peak
TrailheadBear Canyon TH
GroupHike Beyond The Hills

This year was a journey for me. I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon on March 29, 2018, and didn’t think I could ever finish the SPOP. But I persevered with a goal to fully recover and hike my mountains again. After I completed an intensive physical rehab, I slowly chipped away at my peaks, with a lot of support from my hiking partners who hiked with me so I can successfully complete this year’s challenge. I am forever grateful to these friends who stood by me, took precious time to hike with me, and whom are my biggest cheerleader—Meredith Crane, Pascal Lorthioir, Philip Yoho, Rochelle Mendia, Juanita Belardes, and many other friends from Hike Beyond The Hills. I couldn’t have done it without them. These friends have given so much of themselves. And in return, I paid it forward to the land that we love. For my 6th peak, I organized a trail maintenance hike and cleared a trail that is overgrown and is an alternate route to Sitton Peak.

We did a loop 12 mile hike with 2350’ elevation gain. This hike started at the traditional way, but took an alternate trail to Sitton Peak that is less steep to Lucas Cyn that is primitive and overgrown. This last 3/4 mile approach to the peak is pretty much covered with overgrown manzanitas and tall dry shrubs. This is where we began our work, cutting and clearing the shrubs that covered the trail. Then on our way down, at 4 Corners, we continued on to Bear Ridge which reconnected back to Bear Canyon, all the way to the Candy Store.


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  1. Thank you so much, Jeff! SPOP was one of my ultimate goals to fully recover and inspired me to persevere and never give up!